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Welcome to Zen of Design

Whether you are looking for a small website for your starting business, desire a personal webpage for your band or perhaps your arts, you came to the right place. Here at Zen of Design we added beautiful designs to our years of experience in developing intranet web applications; end result - gorgeous websites at very competitve rates.

When you are buying a new car you do not want to wait for months before driving it. Then why should you wait for your website? Our custom made rapid development framework allows us to create uniquely designed sites in the same period of time in which our competitors would create a site from a canned template.

Each of our customers receives an account with which she or he can track the progress of our work and comment or propose changes.

At Zen of Design we understand that not everyone knows how or wishes to bother with all the "computery" details pertaining to Web technology. This is why we created our special packages that include domain name registration, hosting, as well as maintenance.